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Thermal & Fluid Flow Analysis Simulation from SML Associates

It's vital to have an accurate thermal and fluid flow analysis for your equipment. Understanding the fluid dynamics of your plant through fluid flow analysis simulation will allow you to understand the real flow distribution and its impact on your operation. Our accurate fluid flow analysis simulation can help you solve problems with equipment such as cyclones or heat exchangers as well as optimize current equipment to improve efficiency, and design new equipment for increased capacity.

An accurate thermal & fluid flow analysis simulation can reduce inefficient design or relieve excess heat in a current or proposed system. The results of fluid and flow analysis simulations can improve safety and product quality!

Our Solidworks and Comsol experts can rapidly use 3-D modeling and stress, fluid flow and thermal analysis to design new specialized equipment with a very high degree of assurance. This work is backed up by a very extensive properties prediction and database and conduction, convection and radiation can all be modelled simultaneously while parameters are adjusted to optimize the design.

If you have more questions about our thermal & fluid flow analysis services, please contact us here by calling (760)942-2359. We’re excited to show you how much of an impact our fluid and flow simulation can have on the dynamics of your plant.


For some versions of the axial flow heater the gas has to turn suddenly to exit and the gas goes down then back up to exit (figure 1). The thermal model (figure 2) shows that the shroud design provides very even temperatures with no hot spots despite the flow reversal.