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Engineering Expert Witness, SML Associates

We provide technical support and expert witness testimony in chemically related fields. Our expertise in technology development, engineering consulting, and patenting helps us find obscure data including “grey literature” and understanding the interface between technology and law as well as analytical procedures, contamination issues and trade secret information. We are an engineering expert witness that you can count on.

Expertise Area

  • Equipment Failure
  • Facility Emissions
  • Surface Passivation
  • Polysilicon Production
  • Fluidized Bed Design
  • Secrecy Agreements
  • Patent Infringement


  • Stress analysis, fluid + thermal analysis
  • Reaction modeling, prediction of trace chemicals
  • Metal treatment to prevent corrosion + contamination
  • All aspects of process
  • Several patents, many years of practical experience
  • 3rd Party literature search including “grey literature”
  • Experienced inventor is familiar with issues

Brown, Haller & Mclain/River Medical

Reviewed draft patent application for home infusion pump pressurized by a chemically generated gas and broaden the claims to include all the possible ways in which the pressuring gas could be generated and identify the different Markush groups involved.


Hired through the legal department of Motorola to provide a confidential assessment of the emissions from various Motorola facilities. Also developed training materials and gave seminars to Motorola and Kleinfelder personnel to help them understand what processes generated pollution and under what circumstances.


Hired to evaluate the technical performance of a level control device, which was accused of failing to cut off at high level and had thus caused flooding. Showed it was very difficult for this to occur without obvious prior damage to the device.


Hired by the law firm of Eimer Stahl as an expert witness for Praxair in a case brought by ARC with regard to a development contract for production of electronic grade WF6. Analyzed the thousands of pages of memos, depositions and analyses and wrote detailed confidential report.


Hired by the law firm of HGG as an expert witness for LXE in a case brought by Dow with regard to theft of trade secrets by a deceased former employee. During the one year assignment, analyzed the Dow claims and succeeded in eliminating most of them by showing prior art existed so they could not be considered trade secrets. Answered responses by the opposing expert witness, did extensive literature searches and was deposed on video.