Engineering Consulting from SML Associates

Are you looking to improve the efficiency of your technology, equipment, and its manufacturing? SML Associates can provide you with highly regarded engineering consulting services from our expert engineering consultants! We have years of experience and are able to provide you with the tools necessary for a variety of services. We have invented and patented numerous new methods and technologies, which can be used to improve your manufacturing’s efficiency and safety. We aren’t the average engineering consulting firm. Our engineering consultants have solved tough problems in various industrial fields.

Our team can provide you with comprehensive engineering consulting services that range from plant process engineering to R&D testing. We have the equipment to produce and design everything from electric heaters to fluid beds.

Do you want to grow your company?

Licensing our patented technology gives you a competitive advantage, gets you going quicker, and protects your investment. Trust our engineering consulting to take your business to the next level.

Opportunities available for:

  • Shell and tube heat exchanger fabricators to make electric heaters
  • Chemical producers to make silicon chemicals
  • FBR manufacturers/operators to get lower capital cost


Do you have a bright idea?

Contracting with our R&D support group gives you the benefits of our patenting experience and our manufacturing and testing capabilities

Services available for from our engineering consultants:

  • Initial patent application
  • Prototype design & construction
  • Testing of prototype

Do you need custom equipment?

Purchasing our advanced equipment gives you low cost of ownership, plus safety and operational advantages

Equipment available to:

  • Safely heat dangerous gases with electricity, including class I areas
  • Control heating, cooling & flow of solids reliably
  • React solids with gases in FBR


Do you have a problem?

Consulting with our experienced engineering consultants gives you the tools to quickly find a cost-effective solution

Tools available for:

  • Efficient problem analysis & solution generation
  • Computer simulation of proposed solution
  • Building, testing & shipping of retrofit kit

Learn more about our engineering consulting services by contacting us at (76)942-2359!